Franky Lozano, born in Denia (Alicante) in 1991, is currently one of the best tattoo artists in Valencia. He started tattooing back in 2003 when he was still practically a child dabbling in graffiti and illustration; he had always been attracted to techniques of drawing on different sorts of textures and structures, aiming to blend his art into the landscape; this naturally led him to become the tattoo artist he is today. His professional development and amazing skills have been acquired over the years from many different studios across the globe: Los Angeles, Miami, Canary Islands and most recently in Valencia, at the studio “La tinta que habito”. You can tell he has a special gift just by taking a look at his work, he has an amazing skill for lights and shadows with which he is able to create wonderfully subtle and natural volumes, making him one of the most acclaimed realism tattoo artists in Valencia. And it’s not just me saying this, his work speaks for itself. Ok, it doesn’t literally speak… but almost!